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Today I’m starting a new series: The app of the month. From now on I will present here every month an app that found its way onto my phones and inspired me. The first of these apps is the VeeR VR Editor for editing VR/360 videos and photos.

Screenschot der App VeeR

The surface is clearly arranged. Even laymen find their way around immediately.

Virtual reality and 360-degree videos will also have their breakthrough in Germany in 2018. Since social networks such as Youtube and Facebook have supported the format, the trend has conquered the mass market. Until now, however, you usually had to take the detour via the computer if you wanted to edit your 360-degree image material. This has also long been possible on the move. I wrote an article about it some time ago. Meanwhile, the apps are becoming more and more professional. And one thing that really excites me on this point is the Veer VR Editor. One advantage right from the start: The app is available free of charge for Android in the Playstore and for iOS in the Appstore and does not differ on either system. Unfortunately, this is far from self-evident.

With the app you get an (almost) full-featured editing program for 360-degree videos on your smartphone. You can use it to

  • merge multiple 360-degree clips into one movie
  • cut and shorten the individual clips
  • turn simple transitions on or off (I would have liked a little more choice here)
  • slow or accelerate the playback speed for each clip by a factor of 2
  • apply filters to the clips
  • add background music from your iTunes music library or VeeR music library to your video
  • place text freely in the video or photo and, in the case of videos, even determine when the text is to be shown and for what period of time
  • place animated gifs and other images freely in the video

This, in combination with the tips mentioned in this article, makes it possible to create quite neat videos. According to the manufacturer, the VeeR Editor supports the following cameras: Samsung Gear 360, Insta360, Ricoh, Madventure, GoPro Odyssey, GoPro Omni, Nikon KeyMission 360, 360fly, Giroptic, Nokia OZO, Kodak PIXPRO SP360, Sphericam 2, Vuze Camera, Orbi Prime, LucidCam, Bublcam, YI 4K Action Camera, V.360º, LG 360 Cam, FITT360, Google Jump. Up to now I had no problems with videos or pictures taken with other cameras.

This makes it finally possible to edit 360 panorama footage on a mobile device. In any case, the results are impressive. What is missing is the possibility to speak in a voice-over text directly via the app. However, the programmers react very quickly to suggestions: I was promised to include this function “prioritized” in one of the future versions of the app. I can already recommend the app today. You will receive a free app with a wide range of functions.


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