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App recommendation: Vlogit – Professional video editing also for laymen

The smartphone has long since become a fully functional film studio with which all development steps from shooting to editing the clips to publish the finished video can be done. The apps required for this are getting better and better and their range of functions more and more extensive. This makes operation difficult for beginners. But even professionals sometimes swear by simple apps with which they can finish their film material quickly. One of these apps to consider is Vlogit. It is available for free for fertigstellen können. Eine dieser Apps, die dafür in Frage kommt, ist Vlogit. Sie ist für Android und für iOS.

Vlogit is very clearly designed. Even beginners will quickly find their way around.

In my workshops I have always recommended Splice if the question for an easy to use video app came up. The problem: Splice is only available for iOS. Android users have been left in the cloud so far. At last, however, I have managed to find a replacement of at least equal value: Vlogit from Filmora go. The app is available for Android in the Playstore and for iOS in the Appstore and differs only in details on both systems. So it is possible to play the clip backwards on the iPhone. Android phones offer the option of sharpening the individual clips, increasing the brightness, etc. Another advantage: Vlogit is completely free and works without watermarks or film length restrictions.

The name says it all: Vlogger and those who want to become one get an (almost) full-featured yet easy to use editing program on their smartphone. But even those who only want to cut a short family or holiday video will be happy with Vlogit. Vlogit makes it easy to create a video with music and effects (also included for free). You can use it to

  • create intros for your film from various templates
  • record new videos with the app or import existing videos and photos from your phone or social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Google.
  • shorten, cut, rotate, trim, join, play backwards, and apply effects to individual clips
    change the order
  • add texts and a soundtrack
  • add a Voice Over
  • Vlogit even offers a second video level. You can layer multiple images and video clips using the Picture in Picture track
  • animate photos and videos with the Ken Burns effect
  • select different transitions
  • post your finished movies directly from the app in HD quality (1080p HD widescreen) on YouTube or other social media channels or save them on your phone

Despite this wide range of functions, Vlogit is quite easy to use. Even beginners find their way around quickly and can quickly produce a small video. Over time, they will then be able to get to grips with the advanced functions. It’s worth it.

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  1. Birgit Greuner

    Ich finde die Vlogit-App auch gut und habe mich über den Tipp von Matthias gefreut! Zwei Fragen habe ich aber dazu. Hoffentlich kann mir jemand helfen. Wenn ich die Reihenfolge verschiedener Clips in einem Projekt verändere, also beispielsweise den hinteren Clip an den Anfang stellen will, bringt die App mir meine gewählte Reihenfolge durcheinander und ich kann diese Reihenfolge dann nicht mehr nach meinen Wünschen aufstellen. Was mache ich falsch? Zum anderen wüsste ich gerne, ob ich ein Projekt abspeichern und nach der Bearbeitung eines anderen wieder aufrufen kann. Ich freue mich über Hilfe!

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