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Quick from GoPro lets you quickly create incredible videos from a few photos and/or video sequences. And all this with just a few clicks and automated as far as possible. You can export the result in the usual landscape format, but also in square form, for example to post it to Instagram. And best of all: Quick is available for Android and iOS for free, ready-made videos are exported without watermarks. The result is impressive. All in all, Quick is an excellent app that allows you to quickly create videos for social media.
Quick is very easy to use. Even amateurs find their way around quickly. All you have to do after launching the app is select a few videos and photos from your recordings on your smartphone or tablet. In the second step you decide on a template. You can then edit or reorder the videos/photos and select a suitable music. Quick provides countless free pieces of music for the soundtrack. Texts can also be inserted.

The rest is done automatically by Quick. In just a few seconds, it synchronizes transitions and insertions with the beat of the music. The result is convincing in most cases. But if you like, you can make some adjustments. If you are satisfied, you can save the result on your smartphone or share it directly on one of the many social networks. Instagram and Instagram Stories, Whatsapp, Facebook and the associated Messenger, Apple’s Messenger Service, the good old email, Snapchat and Twitter are available.

Granted: My app of the month May is not quite dewy anymore. After all, Quick has already been on the hump for several years. By smartphone standards, it is even very old. The original version called Replay was already Apple’s App of the Year in 2014. At that time GoPro bought the app, has since then constantly developed it further and introduced new templates in line with the spirit of the age. Due to its numerous setting options, the result can be easily individualized, so that it is not immediately obvious that the videos were made with the app. Quick is perfect for a small social media video, it can be used for announcements, as an intro or for post coverage of an event. I made this video during a train ride:


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