Mit der App Quick von GoPro kannst Du aus mehreren Vorlagen tolle Videos erstellen – alles mit nur wenigen Klicks.

App recommendation: GoPro Quick

Quick from GoPro lets you quickly create incredible videos from a few photos and/or video sequences. And all this with just a few clicks and automated as far as possible. You can export the result in the usual landscape format, but also in square form, for example to post it to Instagram. And best of all: Quick is available for Android and iOS for free, ready-made videos are exported without watermarks. The result is impressive. All in all, Quick is an excellent app that allows you to quickly create videos for social media. (more…)

Bisher war es schwer bis unmöglich, das Iphone auf einen Gimbalk zu montieren und dazu noch ein externes Mikro anzuschließen. Mit diesem kleinen Adapter geht es aber.

External microphones can also be connected to gimbals

If you are looking for additional accessories for smartphone film equipment, you will end up with a gimbal. In short, this is an external camera stabilizer, which, compared to the steadycam, balances movement electronically rather than mechanically. So you can also shoot super-fluent videos and professional camera-drives out of your hand. Unfortunately, however, there are two major problems: With most gimbals, the phone-holder covers the power connection of the smartphone. Therefore, it cannot be loaded during recording. In addition, current iPhones no longer have a jack connection. Microphones must therefore also be connected via the Lightning port. If it is hidden, it is impossible. (more…)

Titelbild der App des Monats Vlogit. Zu sehen ist die Oberfläche der App.

App recommendation: Vlogit – Professional video editing also for laymen

The smartphone has long since become a fully functional film studio with which all development steps from shooting to editing the clips to publish the finished video can be done. The apps required for this are getting better and better and their range of functions more and more extensive. This makes operation difficult for beginners. But even professionals sometimes swear by simple apps with which they can finish their film material quickly. One of these apps to consider is Vlogit. It is available for free for fertigstellen können. Eine dieser Apps, die dafür in Frage kommt, ist Vlogit. Sie ist für Android und für iOS. (more…)

Screenshot der App Warmlight, mit der sich die Kamera des Iphones manuell einstellen lässt.

App recommendation: Warmlight – Photograph like a pro

Small and always with you: The smartphone has long since become the main camera for most of us. Another advantage: Most people worldwide are used to looking into a smartphone and less irritated than if a large SLR camera were held in front of their noses. But the phone can take far more than a few snapshots. Fortunately, this is even possible with the standard camera app. But even the most ingenious automatic system sometimes falls on the nose when the lighting situation is difficult. Good, if you can also adjust the camera manually. There are countless solutions for this in the Appstore. One app that really convinced me is Warmlight. It is currently available at the Appstore for 5.49 Euro. Unfortunately, there is no Android version. (more…)

How to create videos for social media

Online videos are booming. Up to eight billion films run daily on Facebook alone. And the web is becoming increasingly visual. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, video will finally dominate data traffic over the next five years. It goes without saying that the big companies have long jumped on the bandwagon and are starting to set up social media video teams. But even with a smaller budget, considerable results can be achieved. In this article I’ll introduce ten tools you can use to create videos for your social networks – without a film team and at a manageable cost.  (more…)