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App recommendation: Warmlight – Photograph like a pro

Small and always with you: The smartphone has long since become the main camera for most of us. Another advantage: Most people worldwide are used to looking into a smartphone and less irritated than if a large SLR camera were held in front of their noses. But the phone can take far more than a few snapshots. Fortunately, this is even possible with the standard camera app. But even the most ingenious automatic system sometimes falls on the nose when the lighting situation is difficult. Good, if you can also adjust the camera manually. There are countless solutions for this in the Appstore. One app that really convinced me is Warmlight. It is currently available at the Appstore for 5.49 Euro. Unfortunately, there is no Android version.

Screenshot der App Warmlight, mit der sich die Kamera des Iphones manuell einstellen lässt.
Screenshot of the Warmlight app, with which the camera of the iPhone can be manually adjusted.

Especially on holiday many like to travel with light luggage. And the cameras on today’s smartphones are incredibly powerful. And much better than you would expect if you only took pictures with the standard camera. The problem: If you touch the main subject while taking a picture, it is focused and the exposure for this point is set correctly. But the main motif is not always “correctly” exposed. Or you want to under- or overexpose it specifically. This is only possible to a limited extent with the standard app.

Start Shooting in Manual Mode with Warmlight

With Warmlight you can set focus and exposure separately. And this is pleasantly simple even for beginners. The app provides you with two selection frames. You move one to the point where you want the camera to set the exposure, and the other to set the focus, i.e. the point you want the camera to focus on. In addition, Warmlight shows you a spirit level in the display, which you can use to align your photos.

Even those who would like to add more will be happy with Warmlight. In the advanced settings you can set the aperture, iso, white balance, page format, raster, flash, exposure compensation, etc. and manually set the aperture and exposure time. Of course there is also a self-timer.

But Warmlight can do even more: Even images that have already been captured can be edited with the app. A mandatory filter set, overlay effects, cropping, blurring and exposure correction tools, etc. are available.

Overall, Warmlight is a pretty good app, which absolutely justifies the price. Generally the request: Buy an app from time to time. They are usually hardly more expensive than a cup of coffee, but in the long run they do much more. And developers who can make a living from their product will continue to develop it.

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