Blogging for Journalists

Blogs are the easiest and fastest way to make your own texts public – without publishing house and content specifications. Topics, style and forms of presentation are determined solely by the blogger, whether he wants to use static elements such as text and graphics or dynamic elements such as animation and video.

If you want to be successful as a blogger, you have to deal with content and technical questions. And should the changed use of media be kept in mind: More and more people read their messages on their smartphones or receive them first via social networks. Therefore, a journalistic blog must also be present and readable there.

In the seminar the participants compile a concept for their own Blog and provide it under guidance of the lecturer with the platform WordPress.

The workshop covers:

  • Case studies from journalistic practice: specialist blogs, hyperlocal blogs, travel blogs
  • Basic knowledge “Press law for journalists and bloggers”.
  • Your own blog concept: What interests the Internet, what do I want to achieve and who do I want to address?
  • Create your own blog with WordPress
  • Themes: Finding the right design for my blog
  • Content is King: Writing articles, creating pages and creating interactive content for the blog
  • Images/photos for free use: How do I find content under free licenses and integrate it into my blog?
  • Mobile Blogging
  • Twitter and Facebook & Co: Which social media channels are important for my self-marketing, and how can I network them efficiently with my blog?
  • Basic HTML knowledge: How do I integrate foreign content into my blog?
  • SEO for beginners: How can I make sure my content is found?
  • Plugins and tools: Extend the functionality of WordPress