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How to save Internet videos to your iPhone’s camera roll

Working with the iPhone is generally wonderfully easy. The apps work and are usually very intuitive to use. But why Apple doesn’t offer a direct possibility to download online videos directly doesn’t open up to me. In any case, copyright concerns cannot be the reason, because iOS allows images to be stored directly in the camera roll, i.e. the central media storage of the telephone. With a small detour, however, videos from the Internet can also be stored there. All you need is the app VLC for Mobile (available for free in the Appstore. ca 60 MB). The only limitation: The films must be in a video format supported by iOS such as”.mov”,”.m4v” and”.mp4″.To save a video to your iPhone’s camera roll, proceed as follows:

With VLC for mobile, videos from the Internet can be conveniently downloaded to the iPhone and then saved in the camera roll.
  1. View the video with a browser (e.g. Safari on your iPhone)
  2. Copy the address of the video
  3. Install VLC for Mobile and launches the app
  4. Click on the VLC logo in the upper left corner
  5. Tap Downloads (just below the center)
  6. Insert your link into the form field and click on Download
  7. When the download is complete, tap the VLC logo again and then tap All Files. There you can see the downloaded video
  8. Tap on the video and wipe to the left. A new menu then appears in the lower area. There you tap on the left symbol with the arrow in a rectangle.
  9. In the following menu, tap Save Video at the bottom.
  10. The video is now in your camera roll and can be viewed directly (and of course even if you are not connected to the Internet).

Note: Apps like iMovie or Splice only support the”.mp4″ format. You should consider that if you want to edit the video afterwards. Please be aware of copyright when downloading content from other sites. You should do this out of decency and respect for the author. A disregard for the rights of others can also become expensive.


Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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3 thoughts on “How to save Internet videos to your iPhone’s camera roll

  1. Vielen Dank für diesen Tip, hatte schon einige Zeit gesucht. So einfach erklärt und funktioniert auf Anhieb. Herzlichen Dank!

  2. Das mit dem Download über VLC hört sich super an!
    Aber ich habe ein Problem mit Punkt 2 „Kopiert die Adresse des Videos“ der Anleitung.
    Wie kommt man an die Adresse des eingebetteten Videos?
    Wenn ich bei „Download“ die Adresse der Seite mit dem Video eintrage, wird (nicht unbedingt verwunderlich) nur das HTML der einbettenden Seite herunter geladen.
    Wäre cool, würde die App in einem solchen Fall alle eingebetteten Videos zum Download vorschlagen 🙂

    Trotzdem vielen Dank für den Tipp!

    1. Moin. Du musst (nur) das Video in einem neuen Fenster öffnen und dann die Adresse aus der Adressleiste kopieren. Dann funktioniert es. Alternativ hilft der Documents5-Browswer. Gruß Matthias

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