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New job new life: Let’s save the ocean together

OK, the headline is a bit pathetic now, but in fact that’s what my new job is all about, because I’m allowed to take care of the social media activities of #Oceanmooc. And with that to a topic that interests me personally very much. After all, the sea has always fascinated me.

On top of that there are topics like free access to knowledge, transfer of knowledge, sustainability, creating videos etc. etc.. I am really glad to be there.

The #OceanMOOC is a free, six-week online course. Scientists from all over the world explain how together we can achieve the UN sustainability goal number 14 (= preservation and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and maritime resources for sustainable development). Furthermore, you will learn a lot of exciting things about the sea that surrounds us all. Many things were completely new to me. It will be the same for you when you sign up. Promised.

In this video you’ll get an impression of what it’s all about:

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Further information about Oceanmooc can be found at and of course at

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